Photo by GeauxGarcia Photography

Photo by GeauxGarcia Photography

Hey Y’all!

My name is Sarah Gardner, and I’ve been baking since I was old enough for my parents to trust me with an oven. Though I’m a native of Nashville, Tennessee, I now bake up a storm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Whether baking for my family, friends, or party-goers I’ve never met, small batch baking is what makes me happy.

After years of indulging in baking as a hobbyist I have have now baked for holiday celebrations, birthdays, baby showers, and beyond. I have experience with various sweet breads, cakes, cookies, and confectioneries in the past decade and a half and I’m always trying out new recipes (right now I’m working on perfecting the savory croissant!). Whether you’re hosting a party or you simply have a hankering for some scones, I can help connect you to the oven-loved goods you want.


Batch Baking Company, LLC is classified as a Cottage Bakery by Louisiana Law (RS 40:§4.9). All goods produced are baked in a home kitchen that is not regulated by the Department of HEalth and Hospitals.

Appropriate food safety protocols are followed at all times. ServSafe Certificate Number 3788262